Pictures of the event are now available, CLICK HERE to see them !

TEDxPlainpalais is a local, independently organized event in Geneva, Switzerland, that strives to re-create the unique experience found at TED, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers congregate to share what they are most passionate about. At its core, the fundamental goal of TED is to foster and spread great ideas. 

The theme of this TEDx is centered around breaking the MYTH that you are just a single drop of water in this ocean and that you cannot make an impact on the world. THE POWER OF ONE.

Our organising team is passionately dedicated to the event and we look forward to your attendance on February 19th. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook by Liking our TEDxPlainpalais page.  


The TEDxPlainpalais Organizing Committee.

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